Crowns & Bridges in Monroe, WA

woman smiling with dental crownsThe need to have a tooth repaired is inevitable for most people at some point. If that day comes for you, you can rest assured knowing that Dr. Cho utilizes the best dental materials to ensure that you receive a restoration that is aesthetically pleasing and has excellent durability that will serve you well for many years.

At Sky Valley Dental, we also make the process of restoring your tooth more comfortable and efficient with same-day CEREC technology. Now, instead of having to wait weeks for your tooth crown, veneer, onlay, or a dental bridge to be completed, your restoration can be completed the same day as your appointment in only a couple of hours. 

How CEREC Technology in Monroe Works

CEREC, which stands for Chairside Economic Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics, is an innovative system that utilizes 3-D technology that allows Dr. Cho to design and fabricate high-quality porcelain restorations.

We scan a 3-D image of your tooth that is sent directly to a milling machine. This eliminates the need for messy and uncomfortable impressions you might have had in the past. With the 3-D image, he is able to ensure that your tooth crown or bridge is made to his specifications, which will mean a proper fit for you.

Next, the restoration is milled in our Monroe, WA dental office while you wait. Then Dr. Cho will permanently place your restoration and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that your bite functions correctly and comfortably.

CEREC makes it simple for you to fit the dentistry you need into your busy schedule by streamlining the process of completing your restoration.

When Do I Need a Tooth Crown?

When you have a cracked tooth, or a tooth that is severely decayed beyond what a filling can repair, Dr. Cho will recommend a crown to restore it.smiling couple hiking

Tooth crowns are also utilized as the restoration for a dental implant for a single tooth replacement and used to strengthen a tooth after root canal treatment.

Now, you can have your tooth crown completed in a matter of hours instead of weeks with CEREC technology, so there’s no need to delay treating a tooth that is decayed or damaged.

When Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge can be an ideal solution for a missing tooth, or lost teeth that are adjacent. A bridge uses two crowns that utilize healthy teeth as support for one or more artificial teeth in between.

We make your bridge of porcelain crowns carefully designed to match and enhance your smile, while also providing the function of chewing with ease again.

Contact Sky Valley Dental if You Need a Tooth Repaired

If you have a failing or broken tooth, Dr. Cho offers solutions to repair your smile that are time-saving and restore beauty to your smile. Contact Sky Valley Dental today to learn more.