Monroe Emergency Dentist

A tooth emergency can really disrupt your life! Dental toothaches and pain are said to be some of the worst you can endure, while a broken tooth can be sensitive and cause embarrassment.Emergency dental kit next to tooth

Whatever your emergency might be, you can relax knowing that you have a caring and skilled dental team on your side at Sky Valley Dental.

Handling Dental Emergencies in Monroe

Some of the dental emergencies in Monroe, WA that we are equipped to handle are:

  • Lost or broken crowns or fillings
  • Cracked or broken dentures
  • Toothaches or dental infections
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Swollen or bleeding gums

Even if you’re unsure if your condition is an emergency that requires immediate attention, we encourage you to call us. We can assess your situation so you can get relief in a manner that is best for your needs.

What Kind of Emergency Treatment Can I Expect?

Some of the common procedures that Dr. Cho will recommend for emergency dental care are:

  • Root canal treatment: This procedure is vital for saving infected or abscessed teeth from extraction. We remove the infected tissue, eliminate your pain, and preserve your natural tooth.
  • Tooth extraction: We may need to remove a tooth may if it is infected or damaged beyond what a root canal can restore.
  • Dental filling or crown: Dr. Cho may recommend a filling or crown to remove tooth decay or repair a fractured or broken tooth.
  • Tooth implant: A dental implant is recommended to replace a knocked-out or compromised tooth if we cannot save it.

Same-Day Dentistry for Tooth Emergencies

man having dental emergency from jaw painIf you have a broken or chipped tooth, it may not only be uncomfortable to live with, but also to look at. A porcelain crown or veneer may be able to restore your tooth, and CEREC technology allows Dr. Cho to provide you with your restoration the same day.

Using 3-D imaging, he will create and fabricate your new high-quality porcelain restoration to his exact specifications in about two hours. This means you won’t have to go a day without your beautiful smile intact.

Preventing Dental Emergencies in the 98272 Area

Some emergencies are accidents, while there are many you can prevent. For example, when Dr. Cho detects tooth decay in its early stages, you have an opportunity to treat it right away with a simple filling. If we don't treat a cavity, it can progress into a more significant problem when it reaches your nerve and causes an infection.

Staying consistent with visiting Sky Valley Dental every six months for preventive teeth cleanings and checkups can help you avoid dental emergencies in Monroe, Woodinville, Woods Creek, and the surrounding communities.

Contact our dental office today at (360) 794-5788 if it’s time to schedule your next dental appointment, or for prompt emergency care.