Root Canal Treatment in Monroe, WA

Woman holding jaw from pain before root canalNo one likes to talk about root canals, let alone hear that they need one. This is because root canal treatment is often associated with pain and discomfort.

However, root canal treatment is actually not the cause of your pain. Rather your discomfort is the result of an abscessed or infected tooth. Root canal therapy relieves your pain, while also eliminating the infection, which saves your tooth from extraction.

Why Does My Tooth Need a Root Canal in Monroe?

When decay or a fracture reaches the innermost nerve of your tooth, you will begin to feel pain and discomfort that typically doesn’t go away on its own or with over-the-counter medication. This discomfort is likely indicating an infection in your tooth, and you should seek treatment right away to keep the infection from spreading or affecting neighboring teeth.

Don’t wait to contact your Monroe dentist because a dental infection doesn’t go away without treatment. Instead, contact Sky Valley Dental right away at (360) 794-5788 for prompt and comfortable root canal treatment that will get you the relief you need quickly.

Does Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

Modern dentistry has made advances in technology that make root canal treatment more efficient and comfortable, and Dr. Cho has invested in these rotary endodontic (root canal) tools. They are electric, which makes the procedure go faster and more smoothly, and they are made of nickel-titanium, which is flexible and reaches the inner canals of your tooth more comfortably.

At Sky Valley Dental, we also offer options for you to use nitrous oxide or oral sedation if you are feeling scared or anxious about your root canal procedure.

Did You Know That You Can Avoid Root Canal Treatment?

While this may not be true in every situation, there are a lot of root canals that might’ve been avoided by simply being proactive about visiting your dentist in Monroe every six months for teeth cleaningsWoman sitting in dental chair smiling after root canal and checkups.

Here’s how it works. When you visit Sky Valley Dental for your preventive care, Dr. Cho will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, where he can detect many issues like tooth decay early on. If tooth decay causes a cavity, you can often treat it right away with a simple dental filling. If tooth decay is left undiagnosed or untreated, it will progress until it finally reached your nerve and causes an infection.

When our hygienist removes the plaque and bacteria that cause tooth decay during your dental cleaning, it’s another defense that helps protect your teeth from more significant concerns.

Contact Sky Valley Dental today if it’s time for your next teeth cleaning and checkup.

Don’t Wait to Contact Your Monroe Dentist if Your Tooth Hurts

If you have a tooth that is painful or aching, please call our 98272 area dental office as soon as possible. Dr. Cho makes every effort to see emergency patients right away.