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Do You Wonder Why You Should Keep Regular Dental Visits?

May 28, 2022
Posted By: Sky Valley Dental
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A familiar image that many people hold of their routine dental visits is complicated treatments using various inscrutable tools accompanied by some degree of discomfort. However, this is primarily a misperception popularized for comedic or dramatic effect. The truth is more mundane. Studies show that over half of scheduled dental visits are for regular check-ups, cleanings, and exams.

At Sky Valley Dental in Monroe, WA, we do our best to make your routine check-ups as quick and comfortable as possible because we know the value of these visits. By seeing us twice a year at regular intervals, you will experience multiple benefits.

Routine Dental Exams Prevent Tooth Problems

Most of us have heard at least one saying about getting ahead of many problems. “A stitch in time saves nine” is one example that can be interpreted beyond sewing fabric. In dentistry, a stitch in time is your regular check-up. Our dentists are experts at detecting issues in their preliminary stages. Early detection almost guarantees that your treatment options will be better than if the problems are allowed to progress.

One important reason for early detection relates to oral cancer. As with any cancer, you have a much better chance of a positive outcome when it's small. In fact, a large percentage of patients recover when they treat oral cancer as it emerges.

Professional Tooth Cleanings Compliment Your Home Care

Along with detecting problems, your regular dental visit will also include a thorough cleaning. While you might think we perform this service to make your teeth bright and shiny, cleaning is about more than just appearances. A professional cleaning from Sky Valley Dental effectively removes the plaque and other accumulations that may resist your daily oral health routine.

If you neglect to address these build-ups, they will inevitably get worse and result in tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease, to name just a few.

Dental Maintenance from Your Family Dentist in Monroe, WA

A visit to your family dentist can be a simple and enjoyable experience, especially when you know the importance of routine dental maintenance. Therefore, we encourage you to schedule an appointment and experience the Sky Valley Dental difference today to take advantage of this extraordinary benefit.

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