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What to Expect From a Teeth Cleaning at Sky Valley Dental

August 24, 2020
Posted By: Sky Valley Dental
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At Sky Valley Dental, our dental cleanings are administered by our dental hygienist or dentist in a 60-minute dental treatment that is instrumental in keeping your teeth and gums clean. 

Many patients have dental anxiety about getting their teeth cleaned, and some even avoid the dentist, which can lead to long-term consequences. It's vital that our patients understand the importance of clean and healthy teeth in a stress-free and welcoming environment in Monroe.

Clean teeth are linked to general health and well-being; poor oral hygiene can lead to heart strokes, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and more. Keeping dental emergencies and dental health problems at bay leads to a brighter (and stress-free future).

The Process of Cleaning Your Teeth in Monroe

Before we start cleaning, we will use a mirror to check your mouth for any visible dental issues, like swollen and tender gums, plaque build-up, or holes in your teeth. If we find evidence of gum disease and decay, we'll make sure to focus our cleaning around it.

We will most likely conduct a more comprehensive examination. 

Scaling Your Teeth

We use a small cleaning tool that will remove any tartar from the surface of the teeth and around the gumline. This process is instrumental in getting rid of any tartar that can lead to gum disease or worse. 

Polishing Your Teeth

Once we've removed plaque, we will polish your teeth to remove any external stains with a gritty toothpaste known as prophylaxis paste and a handheld electric tools. Once this step is complete, we will floss your teeth to make sure no food particles remain.

Fluoride for Your Teeth

Patients who are susceptible to frequent cavities or decay may be interested in fluoride treatment. We place a gel inside a mouthpiece for patients to wear for about a minute. This treatment will keep teeth and gums healthy.

Do Dental Cleanings Hurt?

Many patients don't feel more than some discomfort during dental cleaning. Patients who have gum disease or tooth decay might be more sensitive to dental cleanings. If it has been a while since your last cleaning, there may be more sensitivity than usual.

We can provide sedation dentistry if patients are anxious or feel discomfort. 

Call Us to Schedule a Dental Cleaning

Frequent teeth cleaning in Monroe, WA is the best thing you can do for your oral health future. Call Sky Valley Dental to book your next dental cleaning.

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